Covid & Sacred Space

One of the stranger phenomena of the last two years has been how politicized the virus has become. It has led to something called ‘Covid Shame.’ “Mental health experts say feelings of guilt and shame are perpetuated by societal stigma related to a COVID-19 diagnosis.” Hillary Ammon, PsyD, an assistant professor of Clinical Psychiatry inContinue reading “Covid & Sacred Space”

Star Wars & The Eternals

This isn’t really about all of the Star War films or the Eternals. I’m going to talk about themes and storytelling. As Christians stories should be our domain. We have the greatest story ever written and yet we’re losing the young minds of today to these bloated Hollywood picture shows. There is death in theContinue reading “Star Wars & The Eternals”

Was Jesus a Marxist?

There’s been some recent debates on the internet about whether or not Jesus was a Marxist. I’ve found some of the arguments quite interesting. Of course, ideas like “Red Theology” have been going around since the 19th century. I guess these questions are coming up because of some of the discussions around social justice issues.Continue reading “Was Jesus a Marxist?”

The Demonic Nature of Weathermen

This post is not me advocating for the public execution of weathermen. The fact that they are people who essentially lack a conscious as they lie night after night is not the purpose of this post. Weathermen are really a symptom of the secularization of our society. Our hope and trust in their analysis ofContinue reading “The Demonic Nature of Weathermen”

The Divine Flame of Madness

Today when we think of madness we view it from a clinical perspective. Everything is viewed through the prism of psychology. But there was a time, long ago, when this was not so. The ancients viewed madness as something of a divine gift. In scripture we find several examples of people viewing the prophets ofContinue reading “The Divine Flame of Madness”