Looking at Truth

When we think of truth we tend to discuss it in terms of propositions and those propositions state facts and those facts relate to the reality that we experience and observe. It is what it is indeed. But is that all that truth really is? Let’s look at a statement that Christ makes while being put up on the cross. He says, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do (Lk. 23:34).” It is almost certainly not true that they didn’t know what they were doing. They were putting a man to death. So what is Christ talking about? The actions of these people (some argue whether it’s just Jews or just Romans or both) are seen by Jesus through a much broader lens. Truth is not merely propositional here but it is prophetic, providential, and possesses potential. It is propositional because the people did not understand why they were killing Jesus or who He really was. It is prophetic because the scriptures prophesied of His suffering and death (Acts 3:17-20). It is providential because the Father intended for it to happen (Acts 4:27-28). Finally, it possessed potential because of what would happen through the death of Christ (resurrection, pentecost, etc.). Imagine if we saw truth like Jesus and how that would change our lives.

Think about an event like 9-11. It would be a propositionally true statement to say that it happened because people had a hatred for America, but what if the event was prophetic, providential, and possessed potential for transformation? What if it was a prophetic event because the nations must gather together and give their power to one person? What if it was a providential event because God was judging America? What if it had the potential to bring people to Christ because of the tragedy that it wrought? If we would’ve seen that event in a more christlike way perhaps the last 20 years wouldn’t have been the complete disaster that it’s been. Then again who knows.

Published by RevJenkins

I am a minister, musician and writer.

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